The First Web-Based, Management Solution for Workboat Companies

Access Anytime, Anywhere! No Servers, No Software to Install

Jobs & BillingCreate & manage jobs and your billing processes Incidents & SafetyManage & track vessel & personnel incidents
Personnel & CrewManage shift schedules, change logs & more Vessel MappingGraphical mapping of your vessels location & trips
Vessel MaintenancePlans to orders, projects, repairs, asset mgmt & more Full ReportingProfitability, utilization, manpower, seatime & more
On Vessel ConnectivityOn-board: track incidents, crew, consumables, & jobs Web BasedConnect across town or across continents
Certifications & TrainingPersonnel certification, training, incidents & more SecureSSL encryption ensures your data is safe

Why choose MarineCFO Live?

MarineCFO Live! is a solution designed specifically for the small and medium sized Marine Workboat companies. MarineCFO Live! is a no-hassle way to manage Personnel & Crew, Jobs & Billing, Maintenance & Schedules without the need to install servers & software. Furthermore, organizations can start right away with a free trial and if you like it, you pay a monthly fee based on the size of your fleet.

See more features, view the demos, and see how we can specifically help your industry before you take the plunge.

Works Best For Workboat Companies:

Inland & Offshore Towing, Push Vessels, Offshore & Harbour Tugs, Ship Assist, Ship Docking, Oilfield Supply, Structure Assistance, Platform Supply, Anchor Handling, Towing Supply, Crewboats, Construction & Specialty, Derrick Barges, Pipelay Services, Lift Boats, Dive Support, and more!

Client Quote

“We chose MarineCFO Live! because it was a full-featured, cost-effective solution that didn’t require servers and complex IT requirements. More importantly, we were able to start using it right away and our people absolutely love it.”
- Echo Towing Service, Inc. / Echo Marine, Ltd.